MIDDLEMAN follows 84-year-old artist and teacher Raoul Middleman as he continues to paint daily. While his  work is represented in the collections of renowned museums, most of his 10,000 paintings have never left the racks of his Baltimore warehouse. Driven by a love of burlesque and Baltimore’s industrial harbor, his paintings depict people that exist on the fringes of society. Filmed through the lens of an artist nearly 60 years younger, we examine the ever-shifting standards of art and society.

Thank you to the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund at Johns Hopkins University for support. The film will premiere in 2021. Follow on Instagram for updates and behind the scenes. Check out  the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund covered by the Baltimore Sun. Also check out an interview on WYPR’s Midday. Thank you Six Point Pictures, Glass & Celluloid, Travis Levasseur, Julia Golonka, Sonya Norko, and Nikki Powell for your collaboration and ongoing support.