Selected Moments from the works of performance artist Reneé Rendine. 


Reneé Rendine performing "breach" at Gallery B in Bethesda, MD. The piece was performed for video then shown on a monitor in the gallery. 

Documentation of Reneé Rendine's performance of "periphery" at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Documentation of performance piece "billow" by Renée Rendine at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Documented using expired Super 16mm film. Filmed by Madeline Becker and Julia Pitch

"A field of disposable surgical caps, stiffened with starch and supported by a monofilament net, filled the Corcoran's grand atrium. Delineated by skylights in the floor, the field referenced a floating swimming pool and revealed a perch-like skirt structure. I began the performance on the perch by erasing a water-soluble ink drawing and then retreated below the surface. From beneath the field I sprayed water into the air, allowing moisture to wilt caps surrounding the perch. As I worked I tugged on the net and manipulated the surface, causing the whole area to tremble. Small gestures were amplified across a great distance, like a spider activating its web" (Renée Rendine)